Saturday, February 21, 2009

More English Rose Garden Pictures

Here are more pictures of the English Rose Garden Quilt. Enjoy

As promised I have uploaded the wedding quilt that I finished for my Nephew this past week.

Dustin and Marrissa were married on February 14Th in Northeast Pa. It was a cold day but every

thing went off without a hitch.

My whole family flew in for the wedding so we had a lot people at our house for the past week.

I finished the quilt Saturday morning it turned out to take me a lot longer than I expected. so 150 hours later this is what it looked like. The center of the quilt is called English Rose Garden and was from a Australian Magazine. I had started it about 4 years ago and just had the center done. The last border I designed myself as I wanted to make the quilt larger than the original.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


It's amazing to me that all this time has gone by. I have been busy quilting or piecing since the last time that I posted.

This past week I worked on a custom quilt for Megens Quilt Parlor in Albion Pa. As you can see it was a Irish Chain. Megen loves feathers so this quilt got a lot. She also sent me silk batting ,the quilt turned out wonderful and I would love to hear your comments.
My Nephew Dustin is getting married on Valentines Day , of course I didn't start to make the quilt until last week. The center of the quilt I did 3 years ago in a class but hadn't finished it.
It has a lot of embroidery and I had to finnish that also along with the last 4 borders. The last border was not included in the pattern and I designed that so it would be a larger quilt.
I have two days to quilt it this week wish me luck!!!.
I will post pictures later this week.
Have a great week Quilting!!