Monday, September 17, 2012

Quilting with Machines

This week is busy with the Quilting with Machine Show in Huron Ohio. September 19th - 22nd.
Linda V Taylor will be the guest speaker on Friday night. She is considered the "Mother Of Longarm quilters, I am very excited in hearing her story.
I am teaching a class on" Applique the Modern Way" It is a technique for applique on the Statler Computerized longarm quilting machine. I have developed several patterns for this and I will be demonstrating this in class.
There will a lot vendors there so will be adding to my stash .
Maybe I will see some of you there.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


This is the season for fairs! Locally we have one every week in the surrounding communities. We like to go and eat french fries, hot sausage and cotton candy.You get to see old friends and make new ones.
I usually enter quilts and flowers, and my knitted items to have them judged to see how I stack up to the entries entered.

Crawford County fair is the largest agriculture fair in the state of Pennsylvania and has many entries in all of the home department. I entered 11 items the first 3 pictures is a  jacket that I digitized several years ago to sew out on my Gammill Statler.
The large floral design is actually a panel  made by the Micheal Miller fabric company. Our Statler group in Ohio had a challenge to that had no rules it just had to be quilted. It sat on my work table for 4 months and I didn't know what I was going to do with it 1 week to go and this popped into my head . I think that it turned out really well, the back was all free hand , there is thread painting in the flora and Mctavishing in the background.The white dots on the curls are crystals glued on. By the way it was a big hit at the Statler meeting.
The pattern for the jacket is just a outline so you can use a allover design or freehand anything that you want in any of the pieces. If you would like to try this on your domestic machine take a jacket pattern trace onto fabric , sandwich top batting and backing and start quilting. If this intimidates you a little start with a 12 x 12 square and quilt this  it does take practice.
My little jacket won Best embellished garment at the show! It was a lot of fun to make and I won a gift Certificate at Fox's Sew and Vac one of my favorite stores.
Try it some time

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day

Labor Day is to celebrate the workers of America. I come from a working class family that worked in the steel mills of Western Pennsylvania and  from their hard work and dedication much of a America was built.
 A salute goes out to them today
Our House has another reason to celebrate today! Our Daughter Andrea's boyfriend  Seth has returned from a deployment of a year from Afghanistan in the Infantry. They came and visited with us for the weekend and we had a very enjoyable time. In  honor of him I am posting the latest QOV quilt I did.
Bill K. from Southern Penna. pieced the top. He wrote that his Sister in law had given him the material and he didn't know how it would turn out ( Bill likes very traditional patriotic colors) He wrote me after I returned it to him he was very pleasantly surprised and pleased to send it on to the VA hospital to a wounded solider or veteran.  Here is a close up of the quilting the pattern was Cascade Stars by and the border sar and sash by
I hope you enjoyed your Holiday

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Busy Summer

The three pictures are from a quilt I just took off the frame. As of this week I hope to upload pictures of what I am quilting or have quilted.
I will be sharing some new patterns over the next couple of weeks that I have designed to see what you think.
 The Double Swirl in this picture is a digitized pattern that I am selling on my web site, this is only a 1 inch border and the pattern sewed out at .85 
 Linda H. Diamond Quilt
I haven't been writing much lately , I think about it almost everyday but never get to it.
It has been a very busy summer.
The Sugar conference  in Missouri was a success and I taught a very full class of 42 Statler Stitchers
how to use the text function. Everyone said they enjoyed it and loved the applique that I taught them how to do. This is one of the patterns and is available for the Statler it only takes 11/2 hours to complete .

until next time

Monday, February 27, 2012

Ouilts of Valor

Bills Table runner
For the last 4 years I have been quilting for the Quilts of Valor organization . Their mission has been to supply lap quilts for wounded American  Soldiers.

I have lost count of how many I have quilted , every quilt top that I have quilted is made by a volunteer piercer then is shipped to me with the backing material to be quilted by me. I then supply the batting free of charge as does the piercer with the top and the backing.  
After I am done quilting the quilt I send it back to the piercer to bind and send  onto the facility that QOV designates .

One of my favorite piercers Bill K. Is in his seventies . He always sends me awesome quilt tops that are patriotic,  pieced nicely  ,and always well pressed. The table runner that is pictured was made by him to give to me. He said I would know a quilter to quilt it. (LOL).
 Please check them out at

Pansy's Quilt
I am still finishing up my UFO,s Here is another quilt with a interesting story I will write about it next time. I have been at my mothers for a week enjoying the weather and the rest. Back to work tomorrow.
until next time


Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I finally have gotten over the cleaning bug and back to sewing, the quilt top pictured is the Wild Flower
quilt that I started last year in May. All of the blocks are embroidered then multiple borders are added to each block. Just reading the pattern I found it intimidating so I just sewed one block at a time and it worked out just fine.
The first through the third border took all of Saturday because each of the little blocks are 1" finished.
Besides, it was snowing and blowing out, I was able to piece all day. I have never found a better way to while a day away.
The Turkey is a class that I taught this fall.
This has been one of my unfinished projects that need quilted an bound. One more down for 2012.
I don't want to give the idea that I am rushing to finish all of my UFO's I 'm enjoying the process also.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

What a mess!

"Before Pictures"
I didn't know what I was getting into when I decided I had to clean out my stash . This picture was taken after I had folded all the yardage .
Usually in the evening I work on projects of my own ( which is endless) My Husband couldn't beleive that I didn't want to work in my studio all last week in the evening , so finaly I told him to go and take a look, well he then wondered If I would ever get it done!

This is a Picture of the closet after. The sewing cabinet  and work table are a mess again so when I get them cleaned off again I will take pictures.
Happy sewing

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Over the last several days I added the first  borders to the Wild! Flower Quilt top.  There are several more borders and  the piecing instructions for this top were minimal. After  looking at the sheets I  decided to do it line for line as I seem to be a bit dyslexic as I age (sigh).

In the last post I stated I had to find border fabric in my stash this was a challenge Here is the picture of my primary storage area before cleaning it. It hadn't been cleaned in 3 years!

Stay tuned for the transformation

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Eye Candy

I am determined to finish my UFO's this year!
More then ever I am ashamed at how many quilts and other sewing projects I have started. So I have started finishing some and I am going to post them as I am working on them.
My only excuse is that there is too much eye candy and I barely start one project and a new one catches my eye.
First one up is
Wild!Flowers by Smith Street designs

This is how I found them, There are several borders that needed to be added to each block . Of course I was making this quilt with batiks from my stash , so after several hours this is what I came up with.( after finding the batiks in my stash.
Now I am cleaning and organizing that also) One thing always leads to another more on this later!

Stay tuned for the rest of the Story.