Friday, April 26, 2013

New logo

This past week our new(old ) logo was finished.
In 2001 when the Internet was still relatively new my Sister Pansy and I developed a website to sell quilts and other quilted, items. We kept it up for several years, but not a lot of people were shopping on the Internet yet, so we dropped it.
It was called "A Sweetland of". Pansy had drew out a design for our logo and had a stamp made . The idea was to make bags from muslin then stamp them with this logo. Here is a picture of the original and the new one done by a professional.

I decided to use it for my business now to honor Pansy.

This past week starting carrying my patterns for "Appliqué the Modern Way".
These are super easy appliqué done on the domestic machine. Starting in the near future They will be available on my site also.
After May 4 Th. there will be a free pattern to download for the Statler Stitcher that will be "Appliqué the Modern Way" for Longarm.
Until next time.


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