Friday, October 17, 2008

End of Henriettas Story

I have added another Quilt that I made and quilted. It was a mystery quilt that our Happy Scrappers Guild stated 3 years ago. 12 members are making the quilt and 4 have completed the quilt. It was nice to see 3 of them side by side at the show. The different interpretations are interesting to look at. Mine is shown with my First place Ribbon.
Make sure you look at it close up I think the quilting turned out very well. tommorrow I will add the close up shots of the quil
Now for the rest of Henrietta's quilt story.
The day of the quilt show was beautiful , It was homecoming for Union City and they had a large Parade with the Homecoming court , fire trucks and Bands from neighboring towns ,the usual small town parade. All the guild members were at the show welcoming people as they came to view the quilts. Henrietta was there with her Daughter and her Granddaughter looking at all the quilts, I stopped to talk to her about how well that her quilt had done, and she thanked me again for quilting it for her. While we talked we both said how we wanted to have our pictures taken with the quilt. We both had not brought our cameras and made arrangements t meet the next day to do that. While talking to her she said she was going to give the quilt to her Daughter. I knew that her Granddaughter had hoped that Henrietta would give her the quilt, so I mentioned to Henrietta that Annette would like one also.
Henrietta continued to look at the quilts and entered all of our drawings ( we kidded her a lot because she was so lucky she had won our Large Gift Basket the last two years).
After lunch Henrietta came up to me and told me that She had decided to make Annette the same quilt and she was going to have me quilt it. I said great I would love to. Just after this she told her Granddaughter that she didn't feel well and she needed to sit down. She Slumped over and we called 911 who responded quickly and administered CPR until they got her to the hospital but it was to late Henrietta had had a heart attack and passed away.
I hope that I can go this way Henrietta had had a wonderful morning visiting with her family and friends and looking at beautiful quilts.
I will always have fond memories of Henrietta Miller.
Happy Piecing
Sharon Sweetland

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