Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sweetland of Quilts

In June of this year I received a top from one of our guild members that her grandmother had made. Annette's Grandmother came along to talk to me about how I would quilt the top.
Most of the time when I receive a top the client has no idea how they want the quilt quilted, so I will chat with them a bit about the quilt to get ideas on how they are going to use the quilt.While talking to Henrietta (Annette's Grandmother 91 years young) she told me a story about why she had made this particular quilt this summer.

The story started out in Pittsburgh Pa when she was young girl growing up and she wanted to learn how to put a quilt together. Her next door neighbor showed her how to make a Dresden Plate. Over the next several months or years, (She really didn't say) she made the quilt all by hand and placed it in her cedar chest. Eventually she married Mr. Miller and they moved to Canadota Lake Pa. Mr Miller built cottages for summer people over the years and they owned the local tavern Pal-of Mine.
Henrietta said she had not thought about the quilt for years but this past winter she decided she would get it out. But low and behold she couldn't find it. Mr. Miller she is assuming took the Quilt and used it to move furniture or something. Henrietta kept thinking abut the quilt and decided to make one.
I will continue with Henrietta's story next time

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