Monday, February 27, 2012

Ouilts of Valor

Bills Table runner
For the last 4 years I have been quilting for the Quilts of Valor organization . Their mission has been to supply lap quilts for wounded American  Soldiers.

I have lost count of how many I have quilted , every quilt top that I have quilted is made by a volunteer piercer then is shipped to me with the backing material to be quilted by me. I then supply the batting free of charge as does the piercer with the top and the backing.  
After I am done quilting the quilt I send it back to the piercer to bind and send  onto the facility that QOV designates .

One of my favorite piercers Bill K. Is in his seventies . He always sends me awesome quilt tops that are patriotic,  pieced nicely  ,and always well pressed. The table runner that is pictured was made by him to give to me. He said I would know a quilter to quilt it. (LOL).
 Please check them out at

Pansy's Quilt
I am still finishing up my UFO,s Here is another quilt with a interesting story I will write about it next time. I have been at my mothers for a week enjoying the weather and the rest. Back to work tomorrow.
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